Move to Spain

So you want to know how to move to Spain? After two years of living the expat life here and going through every exciting step and frustrating detail of the process myself, I’d really like to provide a little help and inspiration for others hoping to do the same. No, it’s not an easy process- far from it, in fact. But I can say from experience that all the hard work is 100% worth it.

It would have been quite helpful to have a little guidance along the way, though. So now, I’m in the process of working on an extensive guide to moving to Spain. How to teach English abroad, search for an apartment, live on a tight budget while saving enough to travel, adapt to a new culture, and apply for the oh so dreaded Spanish visa and NIE.

So stick around because there’s lots of content coming to this page soon! And don’t forget to check out my personal perspective on life in Spain in my Expat Diaries.

a guide to the neighborhoods of Madrid-9

a guide to the neighborhoods of Madrid-11

a guide to the neighborhoods of Madrid-10