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The Perfect Weekend in Sevilla

Weekend in Sevilla

Sevilla is a perfect city for a weekend break in Spain, not to mention a must-see for any visitor to the country. It’s the one city in Spain that’s got a little bit of everything traditionally Spanish. It’s got all the beauty, sun, and long hot days demanding a siesta that any traveler could ask for. With the constant sound of horse drawn carriages clip-clopping around every corner, Sevilla’s center is a maze of quaint streets shaded by orange trees and lined with noisy tapas bars. You can admire some of Spain’s most impressive architecture, eat mouthwatering paella, and enjoy a flamenco show.

No, there’s just no city in Spain quite like Sevilla. It’s a real-life Spanish fairytale bursting with vibrant color, flavor, and romance and enchanted by a traditional charm. It also happens to be the perfect size city to visit for a weekend break. Spending a couple of days in Sevilla is neither overwhelming nor anywhere close to boring. It’s a city you can enjoy at any pace. Whether you prefer relaxing at a tapas bar sipping cañas in the sun or unfolding the map and seeking out all the city’s sights, it’s easy to find your idea of a perfect weekend in Sevilla, Spain.


The Perfect Weekend in Sevilla

Until last weekend, it had been four years since I last visited magical Sevilla. But although it might have been a long time coming, I fell in love with the city all over again during my second trip. Not only did I rediscover my love for Sevilla, but my love for this entire amazing country again as well. To love Sevilla is to appreciate all the best parts of what makes life in Spain so special. So take a closer look at how to spend the perfect weekend falling just as hard for Sevilla as I have.


Start with a Spanish breakfast

Start your first day in Sevilla off right (but not too early because this is Spain, after all). Have a lovely Spanish breakfast on a sunny terrace somewhere. There’s nothing better than sitting outside a bar in Sevilla and people watching over a café con leche, freshly squeezed orange juice, and a tostada with tomato and Spanish olive oil.

Visit Plaza de España

Spain is home to so many beautiful plazas, but this one just might be the very best of them all. Plaza de España is insanely gorgeous. Every detail is unique and beautiful. You can find murals representing each major Spanish city along the outer rim of the plaza, row boats on the little lake in the center, and beautiful bridges with the iconic blue and white painted railings. If there’s one place not to miss in Sevilla, this sunny plaza is it. I’ve honestly never seen another plaza like it in Spain or even in Europe for that matter.




Home sweet home


Plaza de España



My future home in September!



Climb to the top of the Cathedral

If you like gothic architecture, Sevilla is your city. It’s home to the largest gothic cathedral in the entire world. The cathedral itself is incredibly impressive, but for some of the best panoramic views of the city, you an also climb to the top of its Giralda Tower. It’s an easy five minutes to the top and well worth the climb when you peer over the ledge and see a gorgeous 360 degree view of Sevilla from above. On the way up, several windows also offer some pretty unique views of the cathedral’s architecture. The iconic Sevilla cathedral is one of the most picturesque sights of the city.


Climbing to the top



Views from the top of the Giralda Tower



Have a Spanish lunch in the sun

After you’ve worked up an appetite, it’ll be time to sample some of the delicious Spanish food in Sevilla. And nothing is more Spanish than paella and sangria. Just about any restaurant in the center will serve this lovely Spanish delicacy. Just find a pretty terrace somewhere and enjoy some of the very best food in Spain.


Watch the sunset from the top of Metropol Parasol

One of the best places in Sevilla to watch the sun go down with an excellent view of the city is from the top of the Metropol Parasol. It’s the largest wooden structure in the world and unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Entrance costs only 3 euros and comes with a complimentary beverage to sip as you watch the sun sink in the distance and cast a beautiful glow over the city.



Metropol Parasol




Visit the Real Alcázar de Sevilla

A visit to southern Spain would be incomplete without taking some time to appreciate the intricate Moorish architecture unique to the region. The Real Alcázar is stunning. From its beautiful rooms and courtyards to the unbelievable gardens, it’s one of the main sights to see in Sevilla for good reason. Inside the Alcázar is like another world entirely. It’s so peaceful and quiet. I loved strolling through the gardens while smelling the beautiful, fresh scents of spring all around and hearing owls hooting in the distance.

A visit to the Alcázar is quite affordable, even on a backpackers budget. There could, however, be a long wait to get inside some days. Click here to get your ticket online and don’t waste any of your precious weekend time waiting in a line!


Inside the Alcazar


Gorgeous architecture inside




Alcazar gardens











Making a friend in the Alcazar


Incredible architecture – the pictures don’t do it justice


Go for a stroll in Parque María Louisa

Just opposite Plaza de España lies another one of Sevilla’s most peaceful places to explore. Parque María Louisa is the perfect place to go for a quiet stroll in the shade. You can take a picnic, buy an ice cream, or just sit on a bench soaking up some sun.






Sip beverages on a terrace

For a perfect afternoon, go to one of the bars with a view of the cathedral and enjoy some time sipping sangria, beer, wine, or tinto de verano. The atmosphere of Sevilla is so relaxed and inviting. It would be a shame not to make the most of the wonderful Spanish lifestyle in one of the most charming cities of Spain. Spend an hour or two sitting back and simply taking in the weekend in Sevilla going on around you.



 See a Flamenco Show

Finally, finish off a great weekend enjoying a traditional Flamenco show. Sevilla is, after all, right in the heart of Flamenco country here in Spain. There are Flamenco bars all over the city. Just ask for recommendations or do a little research beforehand and find the very best place to see an amazing performance before you leave the city.


And that’s how I spent one lovely and much needed weekend break in Sevilla. Ever been to the city? Have anything else that should go on the must-see list for the perfect weekend in Sevilla? Leave a comment– I’d love to start planning my next visit!
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